Hey ! My name is Julia I’m a debutante scientific vulgarizer. I’m currently based in Lyon, France. I studied sciences, journalism and, photography. I’m a student at Lyon 1 University and I’m preparing my biology license.

Why I chose Scientific Journalism ?

This profession brings together all the criteria I need to lead the life I want. That is, writing, brimming my curiosity, always learn new things, talking about sciences, but also talking about everything I want on the Internet, being my own boss, choosing my working hours, being free geographically and need only my computer and Internet so that I can work.

Sciences has always been my passion and my curiosity drives me to always learn new things. Whether in the scientific field or in totally different fields like photography, travel, history, and culture in general.

In general, I adore everything that matters to science, biology or physic, I always find my happiness.

My email :