Argentina: a new species of thorny dinosaur discovered

It was in Argentina that scientists made an incredible discovery. A new species of dinosaurs with impressive defensive thorns.

photo credit : AFP

This new species of dinosaur has been named Bajadasaurus pronuspinax, Of the family of dicraeosauridés. This herbivorous dinosaur lived about 140 million years ago in southern Argentina and more specifically in Patagonia.

Research into this new species indicated that thorns had to be protected by a horn or skin so as not to break.

The discovery of this new dinosaur is by researcher Pablo Gallina, researcher of the Conicet (the Argentine CNRS) and the Félix de azara Foundation of the Maimonides University of Buenos Aires. According to him, the extremely long, thin and pointed thorns of this dinosaur in the back and neck should serve to deter possible predators.

The discovery was published in the Nature scientific journal.

You can find a reconstruction of the prehistoric animal at the cultural center of science in Buenos Aires.

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